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Character Bio

 Name :
Delarius Arganian
 Age :
 Race :
 Description :
Delarius is a Haelian mage that is very calm minded and does everything that he can to help people. In times of need he focuses his magical power and connects to the power of Mana and looks inside of it for guidance.
 Faction :
Order of the Sonaris
 Possessions :
Delarius was not allowed to have any possessions in the religious order, so he doesn't carry many possessions with him, just his robes and other religious garments
 Powers or Strengths :
Light magic (healing,hard light)
 Weaknesses & Flaws :
Sometimes he is too trusting and is backstabbed because of it. If he does not meditate on conflicts sometimes his temper gets the best of him and he lashes out with his magical power which can be devastating to those around him.
Delarius Arganian

Rank: Fledgling
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