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Delarius Arganian- Character App

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Delarius Arganian- Character App

Post by Delarius Arganian on Wed Jan 13, 2016 4:21 am

Name: Delarius Arganian



Description: Delarius is a Haelian mage that is very calm minded and does everything that he can to help people. In times of need he focuses his magical power and connects to the power of Mana and looks inside of it for guidance.

Possessions: Delarius was not allowed to have any possessions in the religious order, so he doesn't carry many possessions with him, just his robes and other religious garments

Powers or Strengths: Light magic (healing,hard light) 

Weaknesses and Flaws: Sometimes he is too trusting and is backstabbed because of it. If he does not meditate on conflicts sometimes his temper gets the best of him and he lashes out with his magical power which can be devastating to those around him.

History: Delarius was taken from his home when he was 4 years old to train with the religious order of Kyuria. This was an extremely important honor and his family gave him up with no hesitation because it bettered their family name. He has never met them and he never will, because it is forbidden for the religious mages to have relations to their past lives and families, but however can create new relationships. When Delarius was around 10 and was training with the other mages he had an accident when he was channeling a spell and it backfired. It changed who he was as a person and brought him closer to the teachings of their religion and he almost has no meaning of self and is very reckless at times because he realized he has no meaning but to bring peace, no matter what it takes.

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Name: Delarius Arganian
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