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Post by Frankietron on Sat Jan 09, 2016 10:43 am

So this RP takes place in several different settings due to the fact that there are multiple parallel universes/realities that exist.

The main setting is a futuristic society which will be considered the present where due to numerous catastrophic events caused by magic, magic is frowned upon and even illegal in some places. Enter CORPRA, a corporation exploiting the insecurities of the masses and claiming to help magic users become normal again with their facilities. CORPRA - Corporation Obstructing the Rise of Purely Reckless Abominations. Their goal is to get rid of magic users and to harness the abilities using technology for their own purposes. They are using their facilities to brainwash magic users to do their bidding. The Heroes group is determined to keep this from happening.

In this world, 2 types of magic currently exist. There is the magic that comes from nature known as mana. In this futuristic society, most mana has been depleted from the world and there are only a few sources of mana left. The remaining sources of mana are the dimensional rifts that lead to The Other Side. The Other Side is a world that is identical to ours but it is in a feudal era where magic and supernatural creatures exist in the open and Kingdoms are ruled by magic users. If all the rifts to The Other Side were closed, mana would cease to exist in the futuristic reality.

The 2nd type of magic that has manifested during the decline of mana in the present is called Spiritua. Spiritua is energy generated by the mind, the soul, emotions, force of will, your life energy. The magic from Spiritua is less about the elements and nature like most mana based magic and is usually more about the manipulation of things such as matter, reality, the more obscure elements, etc. The overuse of spiritua based magic can be detrimental, an example being someone who had the spiritua based power to be able to interface with and control any type of technology, who died from the overuse of his powers on mundane everyday things.

Some examples of Spiritua based powers that have been used: The ability to control shadows/darkness. The ability to control inanimate objects. The ability to control technology. Invisibility and light manipulation. The ability to store and convert types of energy and to focus the energy in various forms (change a magic attack against her into a force field of energy, etc. Was a CORPRA employee in charge of defensive systems). There was an OP Spirtua user with immunity to disease and superhuman reflexes and strength as well as the ability to manipulate health related things (in animals, machines, people). She was in charge of experimentation that was done on magic users to harness their powers to be used by others.) The experimentation was used to develop Inseria and Seria crystals. When a Spiritua user has all of their energy siphoned out (causing them to die), they infuse the Spiritua crystal with negative energy to create an Inseria crystal which will have some sort of offensive capabilities. They infuse the Spiritua crystal with positive energy to create a Seria crystal which will most likely have defensive, supporting magic. The Inseria and Seria shards are just placed inside of the body of the user and they gain a type of magic based on the emotions and energy that the crystal was refined with.

In this RP there will be several factions to choose from that alligned differently, or you may choose to be truly neutral and have no faction at all. For example if you want to be an evil CORPRA employee or one of the good Heroes on a journey to save the world. Or maybe you want to be an elf from the Elven Forest on The Other Side. There will be plenty of choices for you and all of the factions and any vital lore information will be posted inside the Plot/RP Discussion board. Any local events and news related stuff can go in the Current Events section.

Certain factions will have character race restrictions. For example: You cannot be alien and work as a CORPRA agent. The Heroes which will be a group of individuals brought together for the purpose of ridding the world of evil and anyone who wishes to do people harm.  For CORPRA and The Heroes group, we would prefer that the characters be human or humanoid. Remember that a big part of the RP takes place in a dystopian society where magic is feared and looked down upon. Your character would have to be able to blend in. If you want to be a bad guy from somewhere different like a Demon or some other creature from The Other Side, that is very much possible as well. We will have different boards for different areas so in different areas, other scenarios with other characters can be happening simultaneously.


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