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The Kingdom of Kyuria

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The Kingdom of Kyuria

Post by Delarius Arganian on Wed Jan 13, 2016 3:42 am

Kyuria(Queue-Re-uh) is a jungle based planet with many lifeforms. The main life-form is the Haelian, a horned humanoid creature. These creatures sometimes develop extra limbs and have different horn structures. The majority of the planet is not magic because that privileged is only given to a select few that are scouted from a young age due to religious beliefs.The main religion and faction is called the Order of the Sonaris Since they are not highly dependent on magic, they have adapted to become extremely smart and have become very learned in the art of Technological warfare. When fighting, soldiers use armored mechs (Paruso's) with a rare metal called Alforacium that is extremely difficult to shred into. They are equiped with dual blades and a high powered plasma rifle mounted on the shoulder. Lastly, the Kingdom is run by a royal family that has run the kingdom since its creation that no one can no longer remember how long ago it was. The current queen is Queen Lorial the third and she resides in the Capital of Toarmir. Picture 1(royal guard)&2 are pictures of Haelians. Picture 3 is Queen Lorial the Third. Picture 4 is Toarmir. Picture 5 is Kyuria. Picture 6 is the Paruso Mech.

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