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Dot, The Lightning Bringer

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Dot, The Lightning Bringer

Post by cutecut on Mon Jan 18, 2016 9:54 am


Dot is your average trouble maker and misfit. He's a gifted lightningmancer with talents in manipulating atoms when using spirituna. He's always blowing bubbles and fits a backwards black cap on his brown curly hair. He has big green eyes and low cheek bones. A fair chin and his lips are always chapped, probably from licking them every time he pops a bubble and catches it back into his mouth with his tongue. 

He carries around a hover board and a backpack. In his backpack he'll always have extra mint gum. At least ten packs of it. He also carries a few books about the theory of spirituna and mana. Also a book about atoms so he can better understand what he can and cannot do with the world around him.

Powers or Strengths:
Handling lightning came with ease to Dot. For some reason he loved playing with plugs, almost as if he was drawn to the electricity pulsing with in them. Some times he'd even cause a mini power surge by sticking a fork into the plug and over loading the circuit with in. Soon, it wasn't just absorption of electrical items, it was expelling them. He continued to hone his abilities. His mind would think production, his hands would be the instrument to focus his abilities, and then, zap. After only hitting the first layer of using his abilities, he could find out that by thinking of where he wanted the lighting to be, instead of coming from his hands, would appear in that area. He had no idea that he was causing the electrons, neutrons, and protons to separate and implode. When he would slow the atoms down, he would create frozen bricks of ice in the area he wanted. When he sped them up, flames would ignite. When he stretched them down, he could make gravity feel heavier. Squeezing them in, made everything in that zone much faster. He could disassemble matter and reassemble matter as well, but he would have to be in physical contact with it.  

Weaknesses and Flaws:
Using atom manipulation causes great fatigue and faintness. When he dabs with practicing this art of magic use, it's minimal and he would have to make it count. To use his lightning magic, he would have to absorb energy out of a conduit. Storing energy helps him manipulate the atoms around him but also expends a lot of stored energy until it would feed back into his spirituna. He's quick to anger and makes light of many situations. Maybe joking around a little bit to much in serious situations.


He'd always be the runaway. The loner and the goofball. His parents had a hard time keeping him grounded in one place. Especially when he began using his magic whenever he wanted. That caused CORPRA to investigate. That's when his life turned around. At the tender age of 12, tragedy struck. In an effort to keep him safe, his parents revealed that they too could use magic, and the consequences were dire when they tried to take their son. A battle ensuded and they gunned down his parents right in front of him. Enraged. The power went out in a mile radius and than a lightning storm ripped through the area leaving craters in every bolt of lightnings wake. The boy passed out and was then found by a neighbor and taken into hiding.  Awoke, the boy fell into anguish. He would get revenge on CORPRA for taking away his parents. He would light the sky up with a thunderstorm so powerful that the world would go dark for an eternity when he got his hands on their leader. 


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