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Character Bio

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 Description :
She has strawberry blonde hair that she keeps in a ponytail. She has red, metal framed glasses that she can occasionally be seen pushing up the bridge of her nose. She usually dresses very formally, either wearing a uniform, suit or labcoat. She is usually seen typing away at a computer, her deep green eyes locked on her monitors that are seen reflecting off of her glasses. Something about her determination makes her seem haunted. Before her powers manifested, she had always been really anxious and worried about every little detail and what could possibly come next -- after all, she knew that everything could change in an instant.
 Faction :
 Possessions :
She has a small portable super computer that she keeps with her when she is away from CORPRA HQ.
 Powers or Strengths :
She is incredibly intelligent. She has a Spiritua power that manifested in the form of data analysis and probability-based prediction and manipulation of events. She is instantly able to process the information from her surroundings and any nearby sources such as books or computers. She is then able to use the information to immediately calculate and foresee every possible outcome due to probability. This gives her the ability to seemingly be able to see the future. She can also put things in motion to cause a certain desired event to happen. (For example, something random like dropping a pen on a sidewalk next to a busy street and causing someone to trip on it into oncoming traffic.)
 Weaknesses & Flaws :
She is incredibly biased against supernatural creatures and magic users due to her past. She has PTSD and night terrors remembering the things that she saw happen to her family as a little girl. When she is processing data from a large source such as the internet, it requires concentration. She still has nervous habits such as fidgeting with her glasses.

Rank: Main Story NPC
Main Story NPC
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