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New Character Guide

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New Character Guide

Post by Frankietron on Fri Jan 08, 2016 10:02 pm

See the rules for Character Creation here:

This is the character sheet template:
[b]Powers or Strengths:[/b][size=13][/size]
[b]Weaknesses and Flaws:[/b][size=13][/size]

Make a new thread with the character sheet filled out. Be as descriptive as you can because this gives us an example of your writing style when we are deciding what characters to allow into the RP.

Powers or Strengths:

What is Overpowered? - Generally speaking, overpowered is something that no one else can resist, and trying only makes them look silly as your invincible character effortlessly dominates them. Overpowered characters are no fun to play against.

A weapon or attack so powerful it cannot be avoided or survived is overpowered. Turning into an invincible demon or dragon counts as overpowered. Being so tough that hitting you at all is pointless also counts as overpowered. Healing magic so powerful that there is no point in being injured at all would be overpowered.

Allow limits to your powers so that if you get into combat other people can at least slow you down.

Fatigue or after-effects from powerful abilities do not balance them - because the person is still being effortlessly overwhelmed at the time.

Leave Room For Improvement - New characters cannot be too powerful to start with. Players who have been here for longer can have stronger powers. Use this to your advantage. Smile


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