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Character Creation Rules

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Character Creation Rules

Post by Frankietron on Fri Jan 08, 2016 9:58 pm

Start small. I can't stress this enough, so I'll use caps: START SMALL.

Your first character here won't be powerful. You can't be a 1000 year old vampire who is known around the world as the greatest fighter ever and who wields the mighty Sword of Blargensblag that can kill anyone in one swing. When you begin, as in all RPGs, you will be using a character with few powers and little renown. When the staff reviews your character application, this is a major consideration.

The Musts 

1. Your character cannot be taken from a popular movie, TV show OR book unless you wrote it yourself. This goes double for anything even remotely related to video games and anime. Do not attempt to reference these things unless you want a verbal lashing.
2. Be reasonable and start small. Do not make your first character's age something silly like 1000 years old. Do not assume he/she is "the best (whatever) in the world." Don't expect to get a whole bunch of powers for your first character.
3. The plot of the Heroes of Fantasy roleplay is for strangers to come together for a just cause, whatever it may be, so don't make your character someone who is completely unpleasant to be around at all times.

Choosing Powers

1. Justify why your character has the powers in his/her history. 
2. Explain in detail EXACTLY what any special powers can do. Do not use terminology such as "nature magic" without explaining as much as possible about what it can do. 
3. Limit your powers to what is appropriate for a new character (if it's your first character). One or two nifty spells is usually a good limit to start with. 
4. Strive for balance. If you make your character physically frail you can take more magic. If you take no magic you can pick strength, money or good looks instead.
5. Remember that in some areas, Magic is illegal.


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